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Procedure NameSummary
Application for Phytosanitary CertificateProcedure for application for plant quarantine inspection and issue of Phytosanitary Certificate
Application for Pre-Arrival AssessmentProcedure for the application of a Pre-Arrival Assessment from CAMCONTROL
Application for Certificate of OriginProcedure for application of all forms of Certificate of Origin
Application for Veterinary CertificateProcedure for the application of a Veterinary Certificate for imported and exported livestock and animal products
Application for Health Certificate for Food Import/ExportsProcedure for the application of an Health Certificate to import and export food
Application for Customs PermitProcedure for the application of a Customs Permit for import of goods under Customs' control
Application for Customs Permit of Free Zone Management Dept.Procedure for the application of a Customs Permit for import and export of goods in to and out of duty free zones of Cambodia
Application for permit to import Petroleum, Gas, and Oil, and Duty Free GoodsThis procedure is used to obtain a Customs Permit for to import of petroleum products comprising oil, gas, and other products derived from petroleum. it also cover the procedures to obtain a permit for import of duty free goods.
Application for verification of value on Customs Value DeclarationThis procedure is used to issue the verification of the invoice price of goods for an importation prior to a Customs Declaration being submitted to Customs
Application for Chemical Substance Use LicenseProcedure for the application of Chemical Substance Use License to import and export chemical substances
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