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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions with regards the Cambodia National Trade Repository and its content.

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Can you advise the duty rate to import goods into Cambodia?


The duty rates to import goods into Cambodia can be found by searching the commodities list for the particular goods you are to import. Please click here to perform this search.



What is an HS Code, and how can I find the HS Code for the goods I want to import to Cambodia?


Find an explanation of HS Code here and to search the commodity (HS Code) database by goods name to find the applicable HS Code.



Can I bring food or plant materials into Cambodia?


Yes, as long as the food items conform with the laws and regulations regarding these materials. Click here to view the laws, regulations, etc. and look for specific requirements or click here to search for any specific measures that may be applicable from time to time.



Can I clear my goods at any Customs office or must they be cleared at a specific Customs office?


You must clear the goods at the Customs office of the border post where the goods are imported or exported.



How do I obtain a Certificate of Origin?


The procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Origin can be found here.


Where do I apply for the required permit to import goods into Cambodia?


You can apply for the permit at the responsbile agency for those goods. To check which permit is required and where it may be applied for you can search the commodities database here.


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